General Questions

Because the philosophy and aspirations for ECP24 are to provide high quality and reliability and to be recognised as being the best online Engineering site; and for our engineering professionals to know that they can be proud of and can be seen as, performing at the highest level of their profession.

Services that we deliver:

Individual ECP24 professionals or teams of our professionals execute and deliver projects or packages of work to the client.
ECP24 professionals can work together closely with the client's team. As such they can actually become part of the team of the client.

To establish having only top-tier engineers, we undertake consistent and rigorous screening of all Engineering Professional including video interviews, for all professionals who enter the registration process.

ECP24 establishes World class, top-quality Engineering Services by:
1. Rigorous screening (assessment and video interview) of each Engineering Professional joining ECP24;
2. Rating systems, whereby 5-star ratings of the clients are recorded for the engineering professionals with each performed job/ project. 
3. Advising and facilitating the client to add one or more necessary checkers for jobs/ projects.

ECP24's Professionals can deliver services remote, through the internet but also on-site. Or a combination of both. Depending on your requirements we have Professionals available that can meet your needs. 

We enable a 5-star rating system for engineers on the site and we'll also implement ratings for clients in the future. We want our clients and engineers to have absolute confidence that they are working with highly rated and reputable engineers and clients.

ECP24 provides services to all major industries but focuses on: clean-tech/ renewables, energy, process and mining. 

All types and grades of Engineering professions e.g Draftsmen, Technicians, Engineers, Planners, Managers.

Often you will receive a response on the same day, but if not we will respond within 1-2 work days at maximum.

If you need to amend your bid head to our contact page and send us a message about your issue.

Head to the login screen and click the button with 'lost your password?' on the the bottom of the page. Enter the email address you registered with and a new password will be sent to you.

You may also set a new password on your account page.

Posting Projects

All amounts on our website are quoted in US Dollars.


We are currently using PayPal and regular bank transfers. We also provide electronic invoices for payment with PayPal, credit cards and debit cards.

More payment gateways will added in the future.


When there is a dispute between another user and you in relation to a Project, first check the conditions and provisions of the Dispute Resolution Service in our Terms and Conditions. Those conditions and provisions include the following: You would agree to negotiate such a dispute in good faith. If the result of such negotiation is acceptable to both of the parties that are in the dispute, you agree to indicate your written approval the such negotiation to ECP24 and ECP24 will then disburse the project funds in accordance with the results of such negotiation. If you are dissatisfied with the proceedings and results of the negotiation, you must then submit your dispute to binding arbitration. For the further procedures and details, please see our Terms and Conditions and our Fees and Charges document.

Ongoing Projects

At such a moment, it is always good to take a step back and re-evaluate, before proceeding with further work. It shall be discussed with the client if the change is necessary. Sometimes the client can re-evaluate the reason for the scope change in more detail and will maybe find out the change is not necessary because of alternative solutions. It is better if the scope is not unnecessarily changed.

However if the client confirms that the change is necessary, the procedure as described in the Terms and conditions and Service agreement document shall be followed.

Login Access and User Profiles


Our procedure is to first review your experience, skills, certificates and references and evaluate if you comply with our requirements, before we approve your registration and provide a password to you to allow further access to our website. For a description of our requirements, see the first page of our Terms and Conditions.

Fill in the information on your profile which you think represents your relevant work history and experience. Best to keep this as short as possible. Additionally you can attach a jpg scan with further details.


By clicking on the "Client Sign Up" button on our website homepage, you can fill out our sign up form. Afterwards we wil send you a login password and you will be able to fully access our website and services.

Plans For The Future

We have established and positioned our company to be the world leader in web-based collaboration in the provision of Engineering services. Our company will develop over the next few months to become the portal for aspirational and ambitious engineering professionals: a place where we can all communicate freely, innovate, collaborate. We will use and learn from benchmark web platforms and communities and the Open Source movement just as web developers and software engineers have done to great effect. And as a company, we will foster communication and relationships with both our engineering professionals and our clients and be on hand 24 hours per day for this. We will keep you up to date on the developments through our blog, social media content and newsletters.