Fees and Charges


This document explains all Fees and Charges of ECP24.



  1. CURRENCY:All Fees and Charges and all amounts quoted on our Website and included Documents, are in US Dollars.






         Our Fees and Charges are explained in the following tables:



      A. Entry and Monthly Membership Fees (Revised per May 4th, 2017)


Entry Fee Monthly Membership Fee  1) Conditions
Engineering Professionals None (Free) $25/ month

Payment starts only when you have won your first project.
No Monthly Membership payments before your first project award!

Note: 2), 3)

I). All joining members are obligated to retain their membership for a minimum of 2 months.
II). 1 month cancellation notice period.
III). As long as it’s not cancelled, the membership will be automatically extended each month.
Clients None (Free)



1) Our Monthly Membership Fees are non-refundable.
2) For each joining member, the monthly membership fee as per the moment of joining in, can only decrease, not increase over time.
3) After his/her first project award, the member is no longer eligable for a period of free membership, i.e. when leaving and rejoining.



      B: Project fees



Project Posting Fee Project Fee % of the project amount (lump sum or hourly projects) Arbitration fee – when the Dispute Resolution Service is used.
Engineering Professionals  N/A 20% for Agreed Project Amount <$10,000
15% for Agreed Project Amount >=$10,000 (**)
$20.00 USD or 5%, whichever is greater. (*)
Clients N/A N/A (0%) $20.00 USD or 5%, whichever is greater. (*)





(*)To be paid by one party or divided between both parties. As decided per the dispute procedure in this document and the Terms and Conditions document.
(**) This percentage fee will also apply on any agreed overages



Agreed Project Amount: The amount agreed after the bidding and award, as agreed between the Client and the Engineering Professional.



C. Example of a Project, to illustrate the Project fees



Project Budget: $12,000 (defined by Client before the bidding).

AGREED PROJECT AMOUNT: $10,000. (Selected and agreed bid).
The Client pays: $10,000 into ECP24’s escrow before the project work commences.
After completion of the project, the $10,000 is released out of escrow:
Distribution of the Agreed Project Amount of $10,000:
ECP24: $1500
Professional: $8500 minus PayPal, transfer and any other charges.

Note: with regard to the mentioned “Escrow”: Alternative payment arrangements are possible for Clients. Contact ECP24 for information.




D. Project and Project Payment Flow -Illustration.


Notes (Changes implemented as of Oct 16th, 2017):
– To simplify the calculations, the Client Project Fee has been deleted, ECP24 Professional Project fee has been changed to 15-20% (see Table 2B above, and flow chart for details).
– With regard to the mentioned “Escrow” in this diagram: Alternative payment arrangements are possible for Clients. Contact ECP24 for information.






      A. During the initial online registration, the Professional fills in an online form and uploads his/her resume, to provide sufficient information for the further assessment check by ECP24.

      B. ECP24 will do initial assessments and checking of qualifications of professionals before they can be accepted on our site. This assessment will include certification and qualification checks, an identity check, a video assessment including an English language check and possible follow up on professional references. An approved assessment is valid for 2 months, i.e.the Professional must fully complete the procedure to join the website within 2 months or else the assessment expires. For more details on the requirements of the assessment check, please see the first page of ECP24’s  Terms and Conditions.

      C. Upon successful completion of the above assessment (approval by ECP24), the monthly membership procedure (i.e. for the monthly membership fees to start only after award of the first project, see table in section 2A) will be acknowledged by e-mail by the professional. After this he/she will receive a login password and will be able to fully access and use the Website as ECP24 Engineering Professional member, including browsing projects and submitting bids on projects.


      A. To sign up with ECP24, the Client will use the “sign up” button on the Website homepage and fill in his/her information on the online form. ECP24 will then contact the Client and afterwards provide a login password for the Client’s access to the Website.

      B. Posting of Projects: After receiving access to the Website, the Client will be able to enter Projects. See Diagram in Section 2D for details on the further process for acceptance and posting of a project.

      C. Cancellation of Projects: the Client may cancel the project from his/her dashboard at any time for up to five (5) work days after the project has been reviewed (together with the Client) and accepted by ECP24. Please note that any posting fees paid (see Project fees table above) are non refundable.


      A. Before acceptance of the bid of any project, the Client and Professional must agree an hourly rate that will apply in case of any scope changes and overages. For ECP24’s Scope Change procedure, please see the Terms and Conditions document on our Website.

      B. For hourly projects, the same fees apply as stated in the Project Fee table above, however these projects are put into our system as fixed price projects. The hourly rate will also be agreed between Client and Professional, including a defined time frame that this hourly rate will be fixed at and kept at the same level (for example 1 year). For every extension of the hours, a new project will have to be posted by the Client in our system and agreed with that Professional. The hourly rate will remain the same if the project commences within the earlier defined time frame.

      C. Membership fees by the Professional shall be paid within 15 calendar days of the regular, scheduled payment dates as initiated from the first payment. In case Membership fees are not paid by the Professional for example due to low balance on his/ her account, we will re-try to charge the account, however, after 30 days your account will be suspended if the payment has not been made. In case a Professional has repeatedly forsaken to fulfil his/her obligations to pay the required fees, we reserve the right to suspend or stop the Professional’s access to our Services and Website.

      D. Clients shall promptly pay the Project payments as stated so that Projects can proceed without delays. The payments should be made within 8 work days after notification of payment by ECP24.E. With regards to C. And D. above, the Termination and Suspension Section of our Terms and Conditions are valid for Professionals as well as Clients if requirements are not met.


      Transaction fees are part of the payment responsibility of Engineering Professional, together with the 10% Professional Project Fee (see Sections: Project Fees and Project; Project Payment Flow – Illustration):

      A. Transaction fees incurred for using Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal: $0.30 USD + 2.4% of the transaction amount.

      B. Local Bank Deposit: FREE.

      C. International Wire Transfer: $15.00 USD.If the actual transaction fees are higher than the above fees, the actual transaction fees will be deducted from the payment to the Professional.

      For Actual PayPal transaction fees, please visit PayPal’s website.
      For UK, see: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees





      A. When there is a dispute between our users in relation to a Project; first check the conditions and provisions of the Dispute Resolution Service in our Terms and Conditions. Those conditions and provisions include the following:i. You would agree to negotiate such a dispute in good faith.

      ii. If the result of such negotiation is acceptable to both of the parties that are in the dispute, you agree to indicate your written approval the such negotiation to ECP24 and ECP24 will then disburse the project funds in accordance with the results of such negotiation.

      iii. If you are dissatisfied with the proceedings and results of the negotiation, you must then submit your dispute to binding arbitration.

      B. Arbitration Fees amounts and percentages.

      The arbitration fee for a milestone dispute is $20.00 USD or 5%, whichever is greater.

      After 4 work days of a dispute being filed (or 7 work days if the dispute is filed by ECP24) either party may elect to move the dispute to paid arbitration. Both parties will then have a further 4 work days to each pay 50% of this fee and to submit any final evidence. If the other party fails to pay within time, they will lose the dispute. Afterwards, ECP will take 3 work days to make and communicate a decision on the dispute.


      After the decision has been taken and communicated by ECP24, 50% of the arbitration fee will then be refunded to the winner of the dispute.
      Please see the section: “Dispute Services” in our Terms and Conditions document for the further procedure and rules of handling a dispute.